How to inspire all girlfriends in Big Theft Auto: San Andreas – Definitive Version

How to inspire all girlfriends in Big Theft Auto: San Andreas – Definitive Version

GTA has become a matchmaking sim.

Probably the most respected aspects in GTA San Andreas was their special feature where you could posses girlfriends and wow them.

Discover six possible girlfriends you could date, each of them with their own unique prerequisites, tastes, and payoff.

Whilst enhance your connection with them, you’ll get access to special bonuses which can help your during particular circumstances into the games. Due to this fact, it’s perfect to inspire these to achieve most of the bonuses.

How exactly to delight


All girlfriends will date your when you have amassed all 50 Oysters. Usually, it is vital that you meet their passion to begin internet dating them.

  • Barbara: higher excess fat degree or maxed sex charm.
  • Denise: Begin the purpose Burning Want.
  • Helena: reduced fat stage, lower muscle tissue level, and large intercourse charm.
  • Katie: High strength degree and large sex appeal.
  • Michelle: Fat levels over 50 per cent and higher intercourse appeal, or a maxed gender attraction.
  • Millie: Begin the secret to The Girl Cardiovascular System Goal free dating canada.


Each girl keeps various preferences for several recreation. This checklist outlines the basic books to check out for each girl and kind of time. It is essential to note that for every single girlfriend, a 5 per cent bonus will be included with the partnership Approval whenever they invite Carl set for Coffee and the guy approves.

  • Barbara
    • Time: readily available for dates between your hours of 00:00 to 06:00 and 14:00 to 20:00.
    • Foods: Prefers to visit diners. The closest a person is Jay’s Diner, and is from inside the much northwestern section of the chart, simply outside of the area of Bayside.
    • Dance: The nearest club could be the Camel’s toe-in Las Venturas. Carl will need to bring a dancing rating with a minimum of 3000 to inspire Barbara.
    • Operating: would rather ride at the same speed of regular traffic. She enjoys riding around El Quebrados.
    • Coffee: begins inquiring Carl in for Coffees at a 60percent Relationship acceptance.
  • Denise
    • Time: readily available for times within several hours of 16:00 and 06:00.
    • Food: Prefers to check-out take out dining or bars, and dislikes diners. The Ten Green containers pub is just a block from this lady house.
    • Dance: The nearest nightclub was Alhambra in Idlewood, which can be nearby the center of Los Santos. Alhambra also operates as a dinner go out, because it have a bar.
    • Travel: won’t have a favored driving performance. She loves operating around in her own neighborhood, and dislikes riding in outlying locations or high priced areas.
    • Special time: Denise loves to would drive-by shootings at rival gangs within the area. This functions as an alternative time selection for any of the additional schedules, nonetheless it works the same exact way as a Driving day.
    • Coffees: begins inquiring Carl in for Coffees at around 40per cent connection Approval.
  • Katie
    • Energy: readily available for dates involving the time of 12:00 and 00:00.
    • Snacks: Prefers to go to diners, and dislikes fast food. The nearest diner reaches the Gant Bridge customer center in Paradiso, which will be inside the northwestern place of San Fierro.
    • Dance: The nearest club to the lady are Gaydar Station in Queens, on middle-west area of San Fierro.
    • Travel: Choose limited speeds. She likes riding around shorelines as well as in Chinatown.
    • Coffee: Starts inquiring Carl in for Coffee at a 52% connection acceptance.
  • Michelle
    • Time: designed for times between your hrs of 00:00 and 12:00.
    • Foods: would rather head to bars. The closest bar to this lady is Misty’s, that is in Garcia, in the east area of San Fierro.
    • Dancing: The closest one to their try Gaydar section in Queens, close to the center of San Fierro.
    • Driving: Prefers fast speeds. She would rather ride in Doherty or Garcia and will not like driving in Queens or Chinatown.
    • Special Date: Takes Carl on a trip for approximately 2 to 3 days for her Special Date. The only way to get this to big date not successful is leave the vehicle while this woman is driving.
    • Coffee: begins inquiring Carl set for Coffee around 40% Relationship acceptance.
  • Millie
    • Times: readily available for schedules involving the time of 12:00 and 22:00.
    • Meals: Prefers higher-end restaurants and pubs. The nearest location to get will be the Steakhouse near their quarters.
    • Dance: The nearest club to her is actually east associated with the Camel’s Toe, the casino inside the southeastern portion of Las Venturas.
    • Operating: Prefers a regular performance, but doesn’t bring a tight acceptance assortment. She prefers to ride when you look at the region around the lady house.
    • Unique time: should you decide appear at Millie’s residence using the gimp match, Carl will submit and it will immediately be successful. This is actually the quickest and easiest way to increase Relationship endorsement with Millie.
    • Coffee: begins asking Carl in for Java around 40% union affirmation.

That’s all to know on how to impress each girlfriend in GTA San Andreas!

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